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Ammon’s Horn Society


In the middle of the brain lies a part of the temporal lobe called the Ammon’s Horn (Amuns Horn). Damage to the hippocampus can result in medical temporal lobe epilepsy, hence the Ammon’s Horn Society. The concept of the Society is to build strong and lasting relationships through a unique networking and educational opportunity between Epilepsy Foundation Metro DC, local epilepsy centers, local neurologists and industry partners.

The Ammon’s Horn Society has two meetings each year – fall and spring. At each meeting, the presentation topics are brought forward by the professional community to discuss best practices and research findings from the epilepsy centers regarding the care of patients. Providing educational programs such as the Ammon’s Horn Society Meeting helps to establish more effective treatment for epilepsy patients.

To learn more about the Ammon’s Horn Society or to sponsor a meeting, please contact us at



Thank you to the sponsors of the fall virtual Ammon’s Horn Society Meeting: